Current Fees

Fees effective July 1, 2023

Fees for undergraduate placement and exemption exams are updated each year on July 1. If you have questions about these fees, contact

Undergraduate Placement & Exemption

IU Bloomington Online Placement Exam1$54.00
IU Bloomington Biology Exemption Exam2$26.50
IU Bloomington Calculus Placement Exam2$26.50

1The non-refundable IU Bloomington Online Placement Exam Fee covers mathematics and foreign language online placement exams that are overseen by BEST and that are taken unproctored by students. The fee will be assessed and appear on a student's bursar bill the first time a student takes an online placement exam in a testing year (March–February), and it will cover any additional such exams taken during that year.

2The non-refundable IU Bloomington Biology and Calculus Advanced Placement and Exemption Exam Fee will be charged each time a student takes a biology or calculus exam for possible academic credit. These exams are proctored by BEST staff.