Scanning During Spring 2022

Scanning During Spring 2022

Important notice regarding BEST scanning services

After May 6, 2022, BEST will no longer offer scanning services for faculty. Departments will be able to continue using Scantron style answer sheets for testing, however they will need to transition to one of two self-service cloud-based scanning options. Learn more about the options and how to transition to Akindi or Gradescope on our Scanning Services page.

Scanning Services beyond Spring 2022

Bloomington Evaluation Services and Testing (BEST) have updated our Scanning Services to meet the unique demands of COVID-19. Our staff have taken steps to make safety a top priority when accessing our services.

Scanning Request Forms

An electronic Scanning Request form is required for all paper exam and survey scoring jobs. We will not be able to accept exams if the electronic form has not been received. Please include a copy of the submission confirmation email with your exams to avoid delays in processing

Scanning Services

Scanning Services offers DigitalDesk software to streamline the exam scanning process. DigitalDesk generates reports online, giving IU faculty power and flexibility in analyzing and managing their exam data.

DigitalDesk allows faculty to:

  • Download CSV and PDF reports to post student grades to Canvas
  • Modify answer keys and assign students to different keys
  • Add bonus points, weight answers and award partial credit
  • Review and correct student responses or demographic information
  • Rescore exams without returning to BEST
  • Run reports for individual or combined classes

Scanning Room Hours

Regular scanning room hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Extended hours are available during the end-of-term rush. Please check the BEST website for announcements regarding hours.

Exams should be dropped off during regular business hours using the secure drop-box to the left of the BEST front desk. Departments are encouraged to use Campus Mail to retrieve scored exams. In-person exam pick-up will be available at the BEST front desk daily from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

For any other information concerning the Scanning Room hours or services, please call (812) 855-3357.

Test Scoring & Data Analysis

Multiple-choice tests administered with machine-readable (bubble) answer sheets can be scored with BEST's high-speed optical scanner. Exams will be scanned using the DigitalDesk scoring program. 

Instructors must first complete a Scanning and Scoring Form before delivering their exam forms and answer keys to BEST. Please ensure you submit the correct form for your campus. Due to the pandemic, we have indefinitely suspended the use of paper request forms. Scanning while you wait is no longer available. 

Answer Sheets

Answer keys must have an X in the first four columns of the Name section of the answer sheet followed by the instructor’s last name. All information must be bubbled in. Alternate forms exams (which allows one answer key to be used for scoring up to four differently ordered forms) must clearly identify what version of alternate forms should be scanned.

The five response "General Purpose Answer Sheets" used by the DigitalDesk scoring program can be obtained through your department, or purchased from IU Document Services. BEST does not stock these answer sheets. There is no charge for scoring classroom tests.

Receiving Your Results

Once scoring has been completed, instructors and registered teaching assistants will receive an email indicating that the exam results are available for download at the DigitalDesk portal in One.IU. Statistical, roster, and student score reports as well as CSV files will be available. Instructors have the ability to correct answer keys and student response sheets remotely instead of bringing them back to BEST for rescoring.

Answer sheets are usually processed within 24 hours (or 1 business day) after the work order has been delivered to the scanning room. A longer turn-around time should be expected during peak periods such as final exam week.

Scanning while waiting is no longer available.

Departments are encouraged to use Campus Mail to retrieve scored exam forms. In-person exam pick-up will be available at the BEST front desk between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

If Campus Mail service is requested, a self-addressed Campus Mail envelope must be included with the scanning work order at the time of drop off.



Scanning room staff are available by telephone at (812) 855-3357 to answer questions and provide assistance with scanning.

Additional inquiries may directed to